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This is a place for you. Somewhere for you to remember what it’s like to be you. Before the partner, the career, the kids. Just a space for you to take some time for yourself. Find a book to lose yourself in, plan a girl’s trip to the place you’ve always dreamed of visiting, shop for clothes and products that say who you are and what you need. 


About me

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Hello! I’m Maraya. It’s lovely to have you here. I’m a lover of books and travel, I have a weird obsession with buying things from facebook infomercials (that are never what they promise but I’m sucked in every time). I love cats so much that my husband insists I have toxoplasmosis and I eat chocolate every day. Lindt Bunnies are my favourite so I wait for Easter every year. I’m not a grown up yet so I don’t drink coffee, tea or alcohol. But sometimes I have a celebratory Sprite 😉

The 16 Personalities Quiz says I’m an entrepreneur/ entertainer and that’s probably true. If the internet existed when I was a kid I would have had a million businesses. As a kid, I once started a canteen at school and I bred mice and sold them to kids who DEFINITELY didn’t have permission to buy them. I sold watermelons at the top of the stairs down to the beach across the road and managed to swindle my sister out of her pocket money on a weekly basis. 

I had my first two kids really young, before the internet really existed and it was really isolating. I was younger than everyone in my mother’s group and I had no close friends with kids through their whole childhood.  The third time around I got lucky. I was added to our local facebook mother’s group and through that, I made some of the best friends ever. Now that our kids are bigger we are focusing on ourselves and building memories and creating experienced through travelling on girl’s trips whenever we can!

I hope Loved It.Blogged It gives you somewhere you can come and remember what it’s like to be you.

Maraya xx

Loved it Blogged itLoved it Blogged it